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Presidential Suite   2017

Graphite on Paper with US Army Targets

66 in. x 164 in.

Drawing Now Paris












Lost Voices  2017

Graphite on various objects

Dimensions variable

London Art Fair



The Gang of Seven  2016

Graphite, charcoal, collage  on paper installed on vintage Boy Scout Tent

Dimensions variable

overall 120 in x 140 in.

Ponce & Robles Madrid Spain  Feb 2016


Crowd Source    2015

Graphite on Paper, Eleven Individually Framed Elements

80 in. x 126 in.

Collection 21c Museum, Louisville, KY




The Ballad of George Stinney    2013

Graphite in Vintage Wooden School Chair, Rope, Bible, Pulley, Weight

Dims Variable

Collection 21c Museum, Louisville, KY







The Great American Let Down      2009

Wood, Tin, Vintage Cabinet Cards and Acrylic

98 in. x 144 in.

Private Collection San Francisco









Well Division  2009

Vintage Drinking Fountains, Plumbing Pipes, Auto Paint,Acrylic, Marine Urethane, Wood

80 in. x 318 in. x 14 in.

Otis College of Art and Deign Los Angeles, CA  2009

Collection 21c Museum, Louisville, KY